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CD Review - Oira 317 - "Torment of Wingless Angel"

"Torment of Wingless Angel" by Oira 317 as reviewed on June 15th, 2016.

Artist Bio:

Where is the band from?
-The band is from very south of Poland, evey member of our group 317utc is from here (we are little 'secret society', so we prefer to not show our real names and city yet), people who helped me develop Oira 317 or Zrodzony - Matsumarii, V.
Who are the band members?
-Currently the band members are Oira Threeoneseven (at the beginning known as Michail Janovich) - me, and V. who works with me on production and samples. 
How long has the band been together?
-The band exists since march of 2014, after Zrodzony's pause in activity. And of course exist now too. 
Did any members of the band work in other musical projects before this?
-I worked in Zrodzony before i started Oira 317. 
Are any of the members of the band currently in any side projects?
-Yes, I am working again in Zrodzony, and both with V. we are part of The Red Union project.
Where was the album made?
-Album was made in our 'little home studio' - so we can just say that our music is homemade.
Who produced the album?
-Album was produced by me (Oira) and V. But also - all the people who helped us sound better - we asked our friends about quite lot of things, for example - volume of vocals. I want to say 'thank you' to them all. 
Who does the songwriting?
-All songs are written by Oira 317.
Who are your musical influences?
-Musical influences are mainly Blam Honey, 2Bullet, Skinny Puppy, Gackt, Schwarz Stein, last time I feel I am a lot inspired by Stillborn Diz. But also we have been inspired by Stabbing Westward, Black Tower and Moderl Talking! 
What was the message or goal of this album?
-We wanted so make a physical album with best (IMO) songs from our albums from past - it was sealing of past and beginning od new era of project (I hope). It contains also unreleased yet songs! At most songs are very symbolical - politics + emotions + philosophy in a Fairy Tale convention.
Do you plan on touring to promote this album?
-We never played live yet and probably in close future we will not.
What are your goals for the future?
-We want to get more fans and people who will show us love, also as part of Elektro Villain group we want to promote this label/compilations and promote great artists connected to it. We want to develope and bring to people some good music and souvenirs. Make new friends and - in future - start to play live.
Where can people buy your music?
People can find our music (digital and physical in very attractive price) on our bandcamp:  - or contact us directly on facebook or on

CD Review:

Favorite songs: Delusional Fermentality, Beloved Mother
When it comes to industrial music, most people think of Germany.  However, that is not always the case as Oira317 proves.  Hailing from Poland, this amazing artist breaks the stereotype and brings us Torment of Wingless Angel.  But, if you're looking for a soft, delicate flower go find a rose garden.
This albums features all that one would expect from a heavy hitting industrial piece.  Eerie synths melodies, low growly vocals and heavy, distorted drumlines, which in themselves gives this album its own unique flavor. Like those found in Beloved Mother and Delusional Fermentality. Perfect blends of everything that is great about industrial music. Great feeling can be heard in Wingless Angel.  It's one of the tracks that I play repeatedly throughout the day. 
I enjoyed Torment of Wingless Angel very much and keep Oira 317 in a constant rotation on SoundCloud.  I definitely recommend this album to anyone who enjoys the likes of Skinny Puppy, Combichrist etc... 

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