Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Spotlight Artist (May 25th, 2016) ALPHABET CULT

Chosen by using a hundred-sided die:

Alphabet Cult

Alphabet Cult is a Reno, Nv noise/stoner/artrock concoction of oldies who have been in many, many bands. They run the Intruder Alert! label. Releases here: and
You guys don't really look as old as you make yourself out to sound on your page.. lol.. By the way, your music absolutely rocks!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spotlight Artist (May 18th, 2016) Herbicidal Maniacs

Picked after rolling a 23-sided die.... (what, you don't believe me?)

Herbicidal Maniacs

Shamelessly borrowed from their Facebook page:
The HERBICIDAL MANIACS are 5 longtime Vancouver Island musicians who are passionate about making their music. On their own they bring years of professional experience coupled with amazing talent. Collectively, they have come together to create a very unique sound, a genre they have dubbed "Westcoast Folk/Rock". Come and join them for an evening of All Originals...listen to their creative melodies and lyrics and Feel the Power of their own "Westcoast Sound"
Take a listen. You won't regret it!

CD Review - Broomfiller "Third Stage Propellor Index"

Broomfiller - "Third Stage Propellor Index" (As reviewed on May 18th, 2016)

Band Bio:

Where is the band from?
Who are the band members?
Broomfiller has always been my passion project, and have had a series of live band members over the years who would help me play live shows and tours.   Current members who have been with me for quite some time are Terry on Bass and Valerie on Keys / synth.   
How long has the band been together?
The band has been around since 2002.
Where was the album made?
It was recorded in at Skylark Park Studios in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
 Who produced the album?
Jordon zadorozny and myself (Richard D. Leko)
Who does the songwriting?
I write all the music and lyrics for BROOMFILLER
Who are your musical influences?
Dave Grohl is a musical force that has inspired me from jumping out behind the drum kit and fronting my own band.    Other bands that I’m really into are: millencolin, bad religion, husker du, jawboxx, foo fighters, Face to Face & Bracket.
What was the message or goal of this album?
The last full length album BROOMFILLER released was in 2006 (Enter the Storm).   I had lost the drive to put out more music, and other things in life took priority.     A demo cd in 2009 was unofficially put out, but nothing that really counted as an official release.    In 2014, I lost both of my parents (Dad in January & Mom in December).    Shortly after losing my Dad, my perception of everything changed, and it was a much needed kick in the ass for me to get back up on the horse and record new music.     The songs specifically chosen on this album were songs that both of my parents would have heard (in one form or another) when I was back home at my parents house, in the basement jamming on my guitar and amp there.   I actually finished many songs there, and some of these songs were actually about them, and what they were going through, and what our family went through as a result.
Third stage Propellor Index is a tribute to my parents, and to me, my most powerful and emotional work to date.   I booked a week up with Jordon, and played all the instruments on the album, with Jordon engineering and co-producing with me.   It’s very bitter sweet, but so far the new album has been receiving a lot of positive feedback, which I’m very grateful for.
Do you plan on touring to promote this album?
Yes, we toured Western Canada in Sept / Oct and will be touring Eastern Canada in July / August 2016, with many more shows to come.
What are your goals for the future?
Play as many shows / tours as possible to promote this album.
Where can people buy your music?
"Third Stage Propellor Index" available on iTunes 

Also available at 

As well as from our own online store:

CD Review:

Broomfiller “Third Stage Propellor Index”

Favorite songs: Milly, How Long, So Long
I have to be honest. I was a bit skeptical when I first placed this album onto my mp3 player.  What was I going to hear? More emo rock from today’s latest quintet attempting to break out into the music scene today? Well, I was pleasantly surprised and highly entertained by the music that flowed through my ears this week.  Broomfiller has given me new hope for rock music in today’s world. 
If you are looking for music to uplift your mood, then you’ve found your album.  There’s enough variety on Third Stage Propellor to keep listeners intrigued and interested during the whole album.  Harmonies blend in amazing fashion, especially on Figure It Out Quickly.  I’d also give High School Reunion a listen or two.  It’s exactly how I feel about ever going to a high school reunion.  Which would be never.. lol..
Overall, I give this album a high recommendation.  Most of the songs are under four minutes in length, but don’t let that stop you.  Each song packs enough depth and amazing melodies and riffs and beats for songs twice their length.  Third Stage Propellor Index is available for purchase on iTunes and yes, I recommend doing so now.
Definitely check this amazing band/artist out!  you won't regret it!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spotlight Artist (May 11th, 2016) ENTT

The Spotlight Artist for May 11th:


Lovingly borrowed from their Facebook page:

An Entity is something that exists. It doesn’t have to be materialistic; it can be as simple as a concept that is acknowledg...ed by people.

ENTT are a Live EDM Duo from the UK. Formed in 2013, the two band members have been producing music and playing live instruments from a young age, they have gained skills and experience from other projects they have both pursued on, to create the refined band that is ENTT.

Their aim is to fill a gap in the market, where Electronic Dance Music and Live Performances do not currently meet ends. ENTT want to bring together the energy and enthusiasm from Dance Music festivals and the attention and atmosphere created by live performances. It is becoming more popular for electronic acts to play live and ENTT see this as the way forward in the industry.

The duo, Kaan Kara and Jordan Hearts, have known each other since starting secondary school together. Both wanted to make a venture into the music industry by bringing people the joy of Electronic Music, later wanting to show people what atmosphere could be created from live performances.
An excellent artist that you should definitely listen to today!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Artist Spotlight (May 4th, 2016) THE COLOR LOUD

This week's Spotlight Artist:

The Color Loud

Stealthily taken from their Facebook page:

Who are we?!?! We are two musicians from Michigan who came together and formed a group in order to create a fresh new sound.... Presently we just finished our debut album "That Loud Shit" In the future we plan to stay focused on our goals by making the best music possible, with the hopes of changing the current sound of popular music. We are.. The Color Loud!!

Check them out.  You won't be sorry.