Thursday, June 30, 2016

CD Review - Oira 317 - "Torment of Wingless Angel"

"Torment of Wingless Angel" by Oira 317 as reviewed on June 15th, 2016.

Artist Bio:

Where is the band from?
-The band is from very south of Poland, evey member of our group 317utc is from here (we are little 'secret society', so we prefer to not show our real names and city yet), people who helped me develop Oira 317 or Zrodzony - Matsumarii, V.
Who are the band members?
-Currently the band members are Oira Threeoneseven (at the beginning known as Michail Janovich) - me, and V. who works with me on production and samples. 
How long has the band been together?
-The band exists since march of 2014, after Zrodzony's pause in activity. And of course exist now too. 
Did any members of the band work in other musical projects before this?
-I worked in Zrodzony before i started Oira 317. 
Are any of the members of the band currently in any side projects?
-Yes, I am working again in Zrodzony, and both with V. we are part of The Red Union project.
Where was the album made?
-Album was made in our 'little home studio' - so we can just say that our music is homemade.
Who produced the album?
-Album was produced by me (Oira) and V. But also - all the people who helped us sound better - we asked our friends about quite lot of things, for example - volume of vocals. I want to say 'thank you' to them all. 
Who does the songwriting?
-All songs are written by Oira 317.
Who are your musical influences?
-Musical influences are mainly Blam Honey, 2Bullet, Skinny Puppy, Gackt, Schwarz Stein, last time I feel I am a lot inspired by Stillborn Diz. But also we have been inspired by Stabbing Westward, Black Tower and Moderl Talking! 
What was the message or goal of this album?
-We wanted so make a physical album with best (IMO) songs from our albums from past - it was sealing of past and beginning od new era of project (I hope). It contains also unreleased yet songs! At most songs are very symbolical - politics + emotions + philosophy in a Fairy Tale convention.
Do you plan on touring to promote this album?
-We never played live yet and probably in close future we will not.
What are your goals for the future?
-We want to get more fans and people who will show us love, also as part of Elektro Villain group we want to promote this label/compilations and promote great artists connected to it. We want to develope and bring to people some good music and souvenirs. Make new friends and - in future - start to play live.
Where can people buy your music?
People can find our music (digital and physical in very attractive price) on our bandcamp:  - or contact us directly on facebook or on

CD Review:

Favorite songs: Delusional Fermentality, Beloved Mother
When it comes to industrial music, most people think of Germany.  However, that is not always the case as Oira317 proves.  Hailing from Poland, this amazing artist breaks the stereotype and brings us Torment of Wingless Angel.  But, if you're looking for a soft, delicate flower go find a rose garden.
This albums features all that one would expect from a heavy hitting industrial piece.  Eerie synths melodies, low growly vocals and heavy, distorted drumlines, which in themselves gives this album its own unique flavor. Like those found in Beloved Mother and Delusional Fermentality. Perfect blends of everything that is great about industrial music. Great feeling can be heard in Wingless Angel.  It's one of the tracks that I play repeatedly throughout the day. 
I enjoyed Torment of Wingless Angel very much and keep Oira 317 in a constant rotation on SoundCloud.  I definitely recommend this album to anyone who enjoys the likes of Skinny Puppy, Combichrist etc... 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Spotlight Artist (June 29th, 2016) ZEN ROBBI

Chosen with a loving heart, I give you this week's Spotlight Artist:

Zen Robbi

From Los Angeles, CA emerges the nastiest power trio rock and roll has seen since the dawn of the millennium. For nearly 8 years now, the titanic trio have been terrorizing audiences across America with their rambunctious funk and ridiculous good looks. Led by the notorious pirate Captain Mic Dangerously, Scott Wittenberg and Timmy "Too Tall" Baker are the back bone to a beast of a band that is on the road to musical superstardom. Fusing rock, soul, swing, jazz and funk these boys can play, and they mean business.

From Los Angeles, CA emerges the nastiest power trio rock and roll has seen sin...ce the dawn of the millennium. For nearly 8 years now, the titanic trio have been terrorizing audiences across America with their rambunctious funk and ridiculous good looks. Led by the notorious pirate Captain Mic Dangerously, Scott Wittenberg and Timmy "Too Tall" Baker are the back bone to a beast of a band that is on the road to musical superstardom. Fusing rock, soul, swing, jazz and funk these boys can play, and they mean business.

Go ahead and give them a like an a listen.  Next time they play, be sure to go out and support their show!

Monday, June 27, 2016

CD Review - PreCog - "Are We Lost"

This week's CD review comes to us from one of my favorite new bands:


Artist Bio:
Where is the band from?
The band is based out of Nashville, TN. However I (Jason) live in Louisville, KY.  Both Gerald and Raevynn live in Nashville. 
Who are the band members?
The band originally started with Just Gerald and I. We recently started gearing up for live shows and after running through a few practice sets we felt like something was missing. So we started looking for a third. Raevynn tried out two weeks ago and both Gerald and I were blown away. She brings a ton to our music, great harmonies & live strings.
So now PreCog has gone from a Duo to Trio.
Jason Thomas- Vocals/synth/Composer
Gerald Josef- Piano/synth/Composer/Programmer
Raevynn Nicole-Piano/Synth/Violin/Vocals
How long has the band been together?
Gerald and I started PreCog late December 2015. We finished our first album mid-February 2016.  Overall we have been playing together for little over six months. 
Did any members of the band work in other musical projects before this?
I have had a few projects. The most recent being my wife and I’s group Citadel. We recorded several songs together. A few originals and several covers, and it’s actually because of citadel that Gerald messaged me to work together in the first place. Some songs from this project have been adapted for PreCog, and we kept the lovely vocals of my wife Diana Thomas in the tracks as harmonies. You can hear tracks from Citadel here.
Gerald has been in TONS of music projects.  Gerald's music career began in Detroit in 1985 when he formed his first synth/pop band, Line Society. Gerald worked for Prince with George Clinton on songs for the movie, Graffiti Bridge, in 1989. A year later, Gerald toured Berlin playing with many of his synth heroes. In the early 1990's, Gerald formed Clockhouse and signed to the German label, Crilex. Additionally, he co-authored four No.1 Christian songs with Code of Ethics. In 2013, Gerald co-wrote and produced a five-song EP with Austin Gibbs, entitled With Butter (available on iTunes). In 2014, he formed Turncoat Taylor & Sound Agency, Both 80's synth/pop band.  You can hear several of his tracks from various projects here
Raevynn has worked on solo projects in the past as well as a combination of originals and covers. Raevynn has also played piano and violin for a few other group projects, most notably for indie artist T.F. Pauly
Are any of the members of the band currently in any side projects?
Both Raevynn & I have currently dropped all other group projects to focus on PreCog. However Gerald still writes and records for Sound Agency and Clockhouse. 
Where was the album made?
The album was made in two different Locations, My home Studio where I recorded all the vocals and composed several tracks, As well as Gerald’s Home Studio where he did the same. All the mixing and Mastering was done by Gerald though. He has a gift for making everything sound perfect. 
 Who produced the album?
Gerald and I took care of everything ourselves. 
Who does the songwriting?
It’s a huge mix of us both. Usually I will start on a song and send it over to him to write on and Vice Versa. This allows us to give a general direction of where we want the song to go & the overall feel. Then we usually just let one another run free and see what we can come up with. I have never had a song come back from Gerald that I disliked. We both think so much alike musically that everything seems to always fall into place. 
Who are your musical influences?
I am heavily influenced vocally by groups like Active Child, Aqualung, & Dan Black. The way they bend their notes and also their falsetto sound has always been a huge inspiration for me. Musically I take a lot away from groups like Massive Attack, Little Dragon, Gorillaz, & Depeche Mode.
Gerald is heavily influenced musically by groups such as Depeche Mode, Tori Amos, Peter Gabriel, & Kate Bush. Bringing several aspects from each group out in his composing and playing styles. 
What was the message or goal of this album?
Are we lost is based on personal struggles, whether my own personal problems, or those of others I heard about in one way or another. It’s the journey of facing your inner demons and pushing yourself above, because in some way all of us are lost, but we aren’t lost forever. We always find our way.
For instance, Broken sun is a song about (after a short period of me being the worst person in the world) I began looking back on the relationships it destroyed and the people I hurt, and it felt as if I had destroyed my entire universe. Then making the journey of seeking forgiveness from those I hurt.
Whereas Little Devil is about our inability to make decisions for ourselves that are positive. We are constantly hearing ways that we can improve our life; & grow to be a better person. Yet the more you look at the world, the more you see that we are happily sprinting so far in the other direction. Even though we know it’s going to kill us, we bend, break, and beat our bodies till there is nothing left and once the damage is done we look back and think “Well crap..why did I do any of that?”
Each song tells its own story of internal struggles. 
Do you plan on touring to promote this album?
I think we are interested in possibly a small tour. However Gerald and I both have families to take care of. They have & always will come first.  So we are currently looking at options for touring, but making sure to keep it reasonable so we can also keep up with our familial obligations. 
What are your goals for the future?
We are currently looking at signing with a European label to further promote our music overseas. We do feel like our music would do better over there just seeing to how our style of music is a little more widely accepted. However we do see the beginnings of a movement bringing back genres such as synthpop/synthwave/darkwave/dark electronica, & we would love to be part of that movement!
Where can people buy your music?
They can stop by our band camp and grab our 14 track debut album Are We Lost for 8 dollars. We have had quite a response on there & its been a little overwhelming. Even though its not much both Gerald and I never expected to make more than $0.00 with our music. We want to thank all those whom supported our music these past few months. Also we would like to personally thank you both Onyx & Raven. We truly appreciate the support you have shown us! 

CD Review:

Favorite Songs: Monster, Little Fragments
Usually, when I review a CD for Erosion Factory (on air) I have a long (or sometimes short) piece written out ahead of time because I have trouble at times finding the words I wish to convey about the album I am reviewing.  This did not happen with PreCog's "Are We Lost".  I have listened to this wonderful debut album everyday for two months at least.  Yes, it is THAT amazing!
One need only listen to the combination of synths, melodies and harmonies, to know that Depeche Mode is a huge influence for this group.  Now, some people might not wish to be compared to other artists, but there are times when it just cannot be helped.  Now, this is not to say that PreCog is not completely individualistic.  They truly bring a unique flavor to a genre of music that spans well over three decades. Their perspective on the ongoing theme that we are all monsters on the inside at some point.  It is something that really hits me close to home.
For those that are looking for something a bit more dancey, they will be pleasantly surprised. I would recommend "Dig In" and for those looking for something introspective, "Filthy Pig" and "Monster" are just what the doctor ordered. 
As previously mentioned, the harmonies on every song are brilliantly executed and some of the most beautiful I have heard in a while.  It is almost difficult to believe that these come from Jason, as I have heard is speaking voice and I am pleasantly surprised by the beauty that pours forth from his soul. 
I am very excited to see what Raevynn brings to the PreCog table in their next album.  In my opinion it can only help to enhance what Gerald and Jason have already done and in such a minimal amount of time.  It is quite difficult to believe that they have only been around since December of 2015
I cannot say enough wonderful things about "Are We Lost".  You will just have to do yourselves a favor and check them out on your own.  I know that they have a few shows coming up. If you are in the Nashville area, go out and support them!  I know I would if I could!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Spotlight Artist (June 22nd, 2016) WRATHS

We threw a dart at the board o' doom and picked this week's featured artist:


Borrowed from their Facebook page:

Call it what you want: Primal scream therapy imprisoned on wax! Aural rebellion in WAV form! Now for your convenience Wraths’ new self-titled debut album can be spun on your turntable or downloaded directly to the safe and sterile home record store you call a computer. Free from incense, strangers and drummer wanted ads! We’d love to tell you what we think Wraths sounds like but what good would that do? In the end it’s up to you, the listener, to decipher and judge…and you will judge.

Check them out on Facebook!

Spotlight Artist (June 15th, 2016) SINICLE

Picked as though a chorus of angels has whispered it into my ear....this week's featured artist:


Lovingly stolen from their Facebook page:

Sinicle formed in a small, sweaty basement in Reno, NV by three music hungry teens. They rapidly grew their fan base by throwing basement shows and releasing CDs. They relocated to Hollywood, CA to attend Musicians Institute and further develop their scene ping ponging between California and Nevada. Playing stages such as The Oakland Metro, Reno Knitting Factory and gaining residecny at the historic Rainbow Bar on The Sunset Strip. Sinicle stays true to the "Sinicle Family" and believes in a DIY, hard work ethic with a community mentality.

If you have not yet had the chance to listen to this most wonderful band, then please do so. You won't regret it!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Spotlight Artist (June 8th, 2016) GREG GOLDEN BAND

After closing our eyes and pointing our finger to an artist, we bring you this week's Spotlight Artist:

The Greg Golden Band

The Greg Golden Band is a classic rock band composed of 6 members... They are all pros and have many years of experience to...uring and playing...Greg Golden lead guitar/vocals. Owner and founder of Bizarre Guitar Reno. The band has two lead singers (Randy Scoles and Paul Holdgate), Steve Brown on drums and Larry Hart on bass. All four of these members have played with the Late Ronnie Montrose. Also Jeff Montgomery on guitar/vocals.

Seriously, if you enjoy good old fashioned rock n' roll and blues rock, you'll love this band!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Spotlight Artist (June 1st, 2016) ART OF DYING

Chosen because the stars aligned themselves in just the right fashion:

This week's Spotlight Artist:

Art of Dying

All we know about this mysterious band from Vancouver, Canada are their names:

Jonny Hetherington (Vocals)

Tavis Stanley (Guitar)

Cale Gontier (Bass)

Cody Watkins (Drums)

And, that their music rocks!

Check them out on Facebook.  Click on the above picture!

CD Review - april.exe "Collective Mass Ritual"

CD Review:  Collective Mass Ritual

Band Bio:
           Where is the band from?
I started in telluride colorado but have produced different releases from ashland oregon, chico california and joshua tree california. Currently in fort collins Colorado.
Who are the band members? myself, i am sean.
How long has the band been together? i started in 2005.
Did any members of the band work in other musical projects before this? no.
Are any of the members of the band currently in any side projects? No.
Where was the album made? fort collins Colorado.
 Who produced the album? me.
Who does the songwriting? me.
Who are your musical influences? lords of acid, thrill kill cult, crass, alien sex fiend, velvet acid christ, skinny puppy, front 242, god lie, joey beltram
What was the message or goal of this album? collective mass ritual is political anarchist.
Do you plan on touring to promote this album? no.
What are your goals for the future? more hardware synthesizers!
Where can people buy your music?
What equipment do you use ? Yamaha dx7, korg prophecy, logic pro x, native instruments massive/fm8/reaktor, psp xenon, digidesign turbosynth, waves kramer master tape/ssl 4000/api collection

Collective Mass Ritual is 17 tracks of knock-you-either-on-your-ass-or-get-you-on-a-dance-floor excellence that cannot be matched, except perhaps on previous releases. Collective Mass ritual follows pretty much the same style as the rest of the works.  There are no vocals, per se. What few actual lyrics that can be heard are in the background.  Mostly you’ll be met with samples from varying sources.  Movies, newsfeeds and more.  Most notably, from Devil’s Advocate. 

As far as recommendation goes.  That’s gotta be a trick question.  Of course I highly recommend this album to everyone who enjoys industrial music and even to those who don’t.  The majority of these tracks would garner great favor in clubs everywhere if only the DJs would play them.  Most notably Conflict Generator, All One, and Three Days of Darkness. 
Collective Mass Ritual is a must-have for anyone who has an extensive collection of electro-industrial music.  If you have never heard music of this kind, then you are in for an excellent treat. Trust me.  You can't go wrong with this one!