Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunday Suggestions - February 28th, 2016

Thank you to all of you who participated in this edition of Sunday Suggestions.  First, I'll start off with my suggestion for all you out there...

Wrath by Iris

This is an amazing album!  My favorite songs are....all of them!


Walking Man's Road by America (Off the Last Unicorn Soundtrack) - Suggested by Orin
4am by Our Lady Peace suggested by Nicholas
Others suggested by Nicholas - angel dust,deftones...risk and battle-axe,10 years...the autumn affect and so long goodbye, bleeding through...walking dead, volbeat...the hangmans bodycount, carnifex...hell chose me
Good Little Dictation Machine by Chantel Claret and Jimmy Urine - suggested by Helena
I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders - suggested by Freddie
Jitter Reduction Technology by Kristoffer Love - suggested by Kristoffer Love
and finally, one of my favorites:
Burn by The Cure - suggested by Mario

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. 

Stay rockin'!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

CD Review - Castle Pines "Summer Blood"

Castle Pines - Summer Blood (As reviewed on Februaryb24th, 2016)

Artist Bio:

Borrowed from their website:

Castle Pines out of Corona, CA has made its mark on the Inland Empire with their E.P. Bless This House, 2012, and their first full length album, Summer Blood, which dropped June 2014.

This alternative indie rock band has been described as “an ensemble of four hip guys serving up an easy-to-listen-to sound with a fresh attitude,” by the Inland Empire Weekly and “A fresh new burst of energy into the Corona music scene,” by the Inner Circle Corona.

Band members Jesse Briseno, bass; Leandro Barrientos, vocals/rhythm guitar; Nick Barrientos, lead guitar; and Sterling Fairfield, drums; deliver sounds that mimic the Pixies rawness mixed with a use of melodic motifs that bring chills and chants to their live audience shows. Influence by current bands like Delta Spirit, Arcade Fire and Dawes makes them a stand out performance among the local music scene.

Being inspired by many local and mainstream artists that played at the Showcase Theatre, their hometown venue known all around the country for its unheard of crowd energy, until it’s unfortunate close in 2008, Castle Pines aims to bring that passion back to their hometown. They’ve attempted this the only way they know how: by writing and performing music that creates a lasting impression on the crowd and leaves them wanting more.

CD Review:
Favorite songs: Wretched Life, The Jetty
This is an album that I enjoyed very much.  I happened to be listening to it on the day I got laid off from my job, and I found it to be a very mood enhancing album.  It reminded me a lot of Interpol mixed with The Smiths, mixed with Pearl Jam or Smashing Pumpkins.  It’s an album that one can sit back to and just relax to.  There are a few different musical flavors to Summer Blood.  First is the very alternative, almost grunge feel.  And then there is Black Star Canyon which comes out of left field as being more of a jazzy, which almost doesn’t seem to fit the grand scheme of the album, but yet somehow manages to mesh nicely.
The overall recording of Summer Blood is exceptional.  Vocals do not get buried in the mix and no one instrument seems to overpower the others. 
The influx of emotions that I got from listening to the track Derailed was indescribable.  It seemed to reflect exactly what I was feeling at the time, and songs that are able to do that are exceptional. 
I highly recommend this album to anyone who likes alternative music.  Even if you don't, you should check these guys out.  They are amazingly talented, artistic, and unique.  Summer Blood is an album loaded with songs that will help you feel good when you're feeling down.

Artist Spotlight (February 24th, 2016) DIEGO'S UMBRELLA

This week it brings me an overwhelming amount of inner giddiness to bring you the Spotlight Artist:

Diego's Umbrella!

Lovingly borrowed bio from their Facebook page:

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love Diego's Umbrella and those who soon will.

Celebrated as San Fr
ancisco's Ambassadors of Gypsy Rock, these world renowned entertainers have created an irresistible cocktail that is entirely their own. On a planet bombarded with every possible kind of entertainment, a Diego's Umbrella show is a singular, ecstatic experience; one concert is all it takes to turn you into a believer. Night after night they effortlessly blend marching drums, harmonized shredding and gang choruses with showmanship that has all the fire and unpredictability of youth, coupled with the refinement of years of experience on the road. The group's uncanny gift for pleasing crowds, from standard clubs to huge festivals such as High Sierra and Outside Lands, has earned them a breathless and ever-expanding following across the United States and Europe, and that connection with other cultures continues to inform their aesthetic. In their music you will hear klezmer, flamenco and punk rock all blended to pop perfection.

I traveled through the most horrendous rainstorm in my adult life to see these guys in concert at Harlow's in Sacramento.  They were worth every moment of impending death!

They are in the middle of a tour as of this published blog, so if you get the chance, definitely see them live!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Sunday Suggestions - February 21st, 2016

Not that many this weekend.  Not to worry, there are a few, and they are gems.

Woe is the Accursed Earth - Suggested by TomTom
Aristocrat Adub - Suggested by Aaron
On the Turning Away by Pink Floyd - Suggested by Rich

And, my personal Sunday Suggestion:

Charlotte Sometimes by The Cure (I'm pretty sure this is a fan video, but it's pretty good.)

We'll be back next Sunday with more of your suggestions to share.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Artist Spotlight (February 17th, 2016) LOBOLOTO

I am proud to announce the spotlight artist for February 17th:

Pic by Simone Anomalia Furia


As borrowed from their Facebook page:

We are two aliens that are using music to bring love to the world.
The project took life on Wolf 1061-C on 1573 than the Ea
...rth called us to help the human race to be more tolerant and supportive.
We try to do our best, but the sadness and homesick contribute to make our style a little bit emotional.
Hope you'll like it.

Actually, they live in Milano, Italy, and I love this band so very much.  Anyone who enjoys the likes of Bjork, Massive Attack, Switchblade Symphony or Goldfrapp will thoroughly enjoy LoboLoto!

CD Review - Designing the Flaw

Designing the Flaw - Designing the Flaw (EP) (As reviewed on February 17th, 2016)

Artist Bio
Where is the band from?
The band is primarily based out of Northwest Indiana and The Illinois/Indiana border.  Spanning from Michigan City, IN to Riverdale, IL.

Who are the band members?
Arson Wills: Vocals
Mike Phernetton: Guitar
Metalbear Bradshaw: Guitar
Rob Scluicz: Drums
Andres Morales: Bass (In studio)
How long has the band been together?
Technically, the band started in February of 2013; however we didn’t play our first show until June of 2014.  Leading up to that we had a couple member changes.  All in all, we actually named ourselves, Designing the Flaw in January of 2014.
Did any members of the band work in other musical projects before this?
Every member has worked in previous bands…To be honest; the list goes on and on.  4 out of 5 of us have done some sort of touring, and all of us have been in bands that tried to play the cards right.
Are any of the members of the band currently in any side projects?
Andres Morales is a studio musician for several groups as well as a participant in the Columbia College jazz band on bass.  Rob Sulicz does fill in drums for some touring for Mine Enemies Fall.  Mike Phernetton does fill in guitar for touring with Her Eyes Glazed Over, now in a tribute band not yet announced and engineer and producer for privately owned, P-Town Studios.
Where was the album made? Who produced the album?
The album was self-recorded and self-produced by Mike Phernetton of Designing the Flaw at P-Town Studios.  The vocals were mixed by Mike Phernetton; music mixed by Jonathan Clardy of Progression Productions.  Entire EP mastered by Jonathan Clardy.
Who does the songwriting?
The EP that was recently released is mainly written by Mike Phernetton, Metalbear Bradshaw and Rob Sulicz.  The new album currently being written is a collaboration of the entire band as a whole.
Who are your musical influences?
Our musical influences are quite large.  Everything from older Metallica to Killswitch Engage to Black Dahlia Murder.  The drummer stems from more of a classic rock/80s metal background, but not limited to such.  Both guitar players stem from classic rock and 90’s -200s metal.  Bassist has such a wide variety of music, I can’t even begin to list.  He’s very diverse.  Our singer comes from all sorts of backgrounds from soft rock, to hard rock, to metal and then some.  WE like to think it comes from everywhere.
What was the message or goal of this album?
The message is talking about the struggles in life, designing your own flaw, not counting on others, struggles with suicide and coping and then some.  The goal of this self-titled album is build a platform for our band to grow.  It’s only the first of many releases that will all evolve with time.  Grow as we do.  But this allows us a solid start in our venture out into one of the hardest genres of music to break into.  Metal.
Do you plan on touring to promote this album?
As for extensive tours, some of our members remain limited due to full time jobs.  Extensive is too demanding for such a new band.  However, we want to start with the Midwest.  We have plans to do a few 3 o44 day run this summer, starting the fall with a 1 week run.  Besides that, we live right in the middle of some golden states for music: Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin and of course, there’s Indiana.  We will do our best to start there, try our luck a little south and east on some short runs and give it our all.
What are your goals for the future?
Our goals are to improve our music, style performance, gain a dedicated fan base, create a name for ourselves in the Midwest and just take our time.  The overall goal would always be to get on a label…however, we feel like that’s the same as winning the lottery.  Rather than owing a label or anyone for that mtter, we do everything ourselves.  Literally everything.  There is a lot of hard work, research and extensive computer work to make this happen.  It’s all worth it in the end.
Where can people buy your music?
Our entire EP is available online at Bandcamp .  There are a couple  of songs for free download at Reverbnation.  We just released an official music video also recorded, produced and edited by Mike Phernetton as well as a still video with just music on Youtube.  Search “Designing the Flaw” for all those.

CD Review:
Favorite Songs: Edge of Madness, Hourglass
This self-titled EP by Designing the Flaw is flawless.  (I’m sure they’ve NEVER heard that one before.. lol.)  While metal is not my favorite genre, I must say that I enjoyed this EP very much.  The mix was excellent and the vocals were perfect.  I liked them a lot because I could actually understand what was being sung about.  There are so many metal bands whose use of “cookie monster” vocals does the band a disservice because the lyrics cannot be understood. I am as vocally oriented an individual as I am musically, so a good combination of both really gets me interested, no matter the genre.  And, I know that the point of really hard metal such as this is not necessarily for the vocals to be understood, but why wouldn’t a band want their fans to really get to know their songs through their vocals! The lyrics perfectly reflect the message that Designing the Flaw is all about. Making your own way through this life and not counting on anyone!   
There are many bands who I am reminded of when listening to Designing the Flaw.  That may or may not be a good thing depending on your point of view, but it was a hard-hitting, in-your-face romp that will leave you wanting more.  The guitar solos on this album are very good.  And I always admire and appreciate a drummer who can keep themselves together while playing more difficult pieces.  Did I mention that this album is REALLY good? 
I recommend this album to anyone who enjoys really heavy metal.  For those who have been following the show and have listened to Odin Sun, or Idol Smasher, this band will be for you!  Go listen… right now!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Suggestions (February 14th, 2016)

And here they are, in all their glory!  Thanks to all those who shared the post and got suggestions from all their friends as well.  There were many more shared, but unfortunately I couldn't get there here because of the sharer's privacy settings.  No worries.  It took a while to track them all down, but here they are:

Life Ain't Always Beautiful by Gary Allen - Suggested by Jessica
When the Swallows come back from Capistrano by The Ink Spots - Suggested by Zachary
Big Machine by Mark Duplass - Suggested by Sara
Fever by Maps and Atlases - Suggested by Alex
Impossible Year by Panic at the Disco - Suggested by Lauren
Jackrabbit by San Fermin - Suggested by Travis
Song for an Old Friend by The Mountain Goats - Suggested by Logan
Operator by Jim Croce - Suggested by Chris
Disclosure by You and Me Featuring Eliza Doolittle) - Suggested by Austin
Silent Love Song by Jason Mraz - Suggested by Esther
Ugly by Life of Agony - Suggested by Kyle
California Dreamin' by Mamas and Papas - Suggested by Christopher
Scarecrow by Siouxie and the Banshees - Suggested by Kristen
The Bomb by Neuroticfish - Suggested by Kristen
Ripples by Trembling Blue Star - Suggested by Rik
Dream On by Aerosmith - Suggested by Micheal
Favourite Things by The Replacements - Suggested by Carl
One of These Days by Foo Fighters - Suggested by Alicia
Orpheus by David Sylvian - Suggested by Timothy
Love Complicated by State of the Union - Suggested by Knuckles
O'Magnum Mysterium by Soil & Eclipse - Suggested by Melissa
Things Don't Change by The Reivers - Suggested by EJ
Nights in White Satin by Moody Blues - Suggested by Colleen
Eyes by Rogue Wave - Suggested by Wendi
Do I Wanna Know? by Artic Monkeys - Suggested by Ariel
Dance in the Graveyards by Delta Rae - Suggested by Rhoda
Running Up That Hill, Cloudbusting, and This Woman's Work by Kate Bush - Suggested by What's Ravin' Maven?
Zoom by the Commodores - Suggested by Danai
I Love You Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel - Suggested by Janee
La Vida es un Carnival by Celia Cruz - Suggested by Tommy
Drift Away by Dobey Grey - Suggested by Annie
3am by Edwin McCain - Suggested by Eric
We're in This Together by Nine Inch Nails - Suggested by Dante
Live Oak by Jason Isbell - Suggested by Anthony
Sandstorm by Darude - Jokingly suggested by Stefan
Make My Life a Prayer to You by Keith Green - Suggested by Ed
The Sparrows and the Nightengales by Wolfsheim - Suggested by Robert
Sometimes by James - Suggested by Daniel
Coming Home by Leon Bridges - Suggested by Jonathon
And You and I by Yes - Suggested by Michael
Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset by Modest Mouse - Suggested by Tom
Parasite by Nick Drake - Suggested by Matt
The Needle & The Damage Done by Neil Young - Suggested by Paul
Resist by Tesseract - Suggested by Jeremy
It Only Makes me Laugh by Danny Elfman - Suggested y Marcus
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground by The White Stripes - Suggested by Jacob
Calico by Widowspeak - Suggested by Bonnie
Bring me a Disco King by David Bowie - Suggested by Афанасия
Let's Go Crazy by Prince - Suggested by Jay
Flatlands by Delerium - Suggested by Steve
For My Brother by Blue October - Suggested by Isabella
Winter by Accelerate - Suggested by David
Shattered Together by New Jerusalem - Suggested by David
Albatross (Ordinary World intro) by CMX (I believe that's the band, but I could be wrong)  Help me out? - Suggested by Shaun
Working Man by Rush - Suggested by Bear
Albatross by Fleetwood Mac - Suggested by Rod
Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell - Suggested by Chris
Upward Over the Mountain by Iron and Wine - Suggested by Leslie
Dinner at Eight by Rufus Wainwright - Suggested by Eric
The Spine from Transistor Original Soundtrack - Suggested by Rebecca
Wake Up by Arcade Fire - Suggested by Shannon
It's a Crime by Sade - Suggested by Jim
A Talk With George by Jonathan Coulton - Suggested by Mary
One of These Nights by The Eagles - Suggested by Vincent
Fairweather Friends by Queens of the Stone Age - Suggested by Domi
Yellow Submarine by The Beatles - Suggested by Chris
The Ballad of Dwight Fry by Alice Cooper - Suggested by Freddie
Repentless by Slayer - Suggested by Ken
Forever by Brudershaft - Suggested by Vinnie
Till the End by The Ravonettes - Suggested by Aaron
Dirty Love by Frank Zappa - Suggested by Richard
War Pigs by Faith No More - Suggested by Jason
Free Bird by Led Zeppelin - Suggested by Shaun
Higher by Creed - Suggested by Jill

And this week, because it's Valentine's Day, I will suggest a song for you guys.. One that I really enjoy by my favorite band of all time and I guess perfect for Valentine's Day.

A Question of Lust by Depeche Mode

Please feel free to comment and share this post.  It is always appreciated.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Artist Spotlight (February 10th, 2016) DAMIAN SAGE

I am honored to bring you this week's Spotlight Artist: Damian Sage

“I sing for the lost souls, the hopeless, the castaways, the misunderstood, the sad, the angry. Because I am them and they are me. That’s why I sing.” – Damian Sage 
Damian Sage is a singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. A native of New York, Damian’s music is deeply steeped in the wisdom and experience of someone who has seen it all.

 At the age of 12, Damian bought his first guitar at a garage sale for $5. The guitar had only two strings, but it was enough for Sage to learn a basic blues riff, and begin a musical journey inspired by the blues. It wasn’t long before Sage experienced blues in his own life, with homelessness and expulsion from high school leading him into a troubled transition into adulthood.

 It was in music that Damian found solace, playing shows around the city wherever and whenever he could. This perseverant desire to play and to share his music and his world with others recently led the artist to follow his dreams to LA, where some of his favorite bands (Guns N’ Roses and The Doors, to name a few) had their start.

Damian’s music can range from blues, to rock, to alternative, but it is always deeply and irrevocably rooted in heart. Damian’s heart for others who have struggled like him has inspired him to give his all to the communities around him, organizing charity events of his own accord to help touch people with his music, raise awareness, and ultimately to let the world know they are not alone.

A true diamond in the rough as an artist and an individual, Damian can always promise to deliver one thing this city and the world sorely craves: In his own words, “I’m real, if nothing else.”

Bio Written By: Drea Dorman

He's acoustic, he's bluesy, he's amazing.  If you are interested in listening to his music, click on this link here.  And even better, if you'd like to support Damian and his music, please purchase his album on iTunes!  His current album is called "My Unsolicited Two Cents".

CD Review - Criambique "Float"

Float by Criambique (As Reviewed on February 10th, 2016)

Artist Bio

Where is the band from?
We hail from the abyssal dusky corners of Seattle, WA, where the forest calls the sea calls the islands calls the windy spray...

Who are the band members?
Vi (singer, songwriter, head witch and professional glossologist)
Alexis (songwriter, rhythm magician, principal whimsy expert)
Wonky (songwriter, chief technical officer, laser harpist, acquitter lady killer)

How long has the band been together?
2 years

Did any members of the band work in other musical projects before this?
Alexis - Lullabelle, Aelix, Alesixland, Very Proper Dragonflies
Vi - Invisible Fences
Wonky - The Mood Chanel, Perpetual Madness Machine

Are any of the members of the band currently in any side projects?
Alexis does remixes for other bands and scoring for video project, plus films and edits the criambique videos.
Vi works with costuming and generally making all sorts of things with her hands (she's really good with a dremel), has done some short films, guest singing spots, (a little bit) of visual art mostly for personal things or for Criambique.
Wonky builds and programs instruments and controllers, like the band's laser-harp and finger controller and live Midi-programmed lights.

Where was the album made?
Our tiny basement in Seattle and Imirage studios in dusty, sunny sandy Reno, NV

Who produced the album?
Criambique executive produced, with Tom Gordon adding production and lots of mentoring in-studio. David Lutz produced the song "Apple Adore", which is a tribute, love poem to Anais Nin...

Who does the songwriting?
It's a completely collaborative effort.  All members participate. Our emotions really do the songwriting. Vi is such a wizard with wording and turns of phrasing, we leave the final touches to her.

Who are your musical influences?
Coil, did we mention Coil?  Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, The Cure, Soda., Eric Satie, Dead Can Dance, Love and Rockets, This Mortal Coil, Missy Elliot, Tin, Solid State, Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Jesus & Mary Chain, Clouddead, Trisomie 21, Nina Simone, My Brightest Diamond, Hundred Waters, Cotrolled Bleeding, Diamanda Galas, Aphex Twin, En Vogue, Einstruzende Neubauten, Iamamiwhoami, Fall Wilent Laurie Anderson, Fugazi, Public Enemy, Adam Ant, Tones on Tail, Tribes of Neurot, New Order, Ultravox, sleep talking (like real somniloquey), crying quietly in a crowded room, music boxes, the ocean, old found-sound recordings, and mothers singing to their children.

What was the message or goal of this album?
The album is about peaking inside uncomfortable parts of that ongoing struggle with finding a type of stillness with all the grit and fierceness you can invoke...the message is that our rituals are our heartbeats, and sand our is just a right thing to be kind to yourself, as you let evolution and new experiences temper your pain with travels to distant, often inner, worlds.  Plus, getting ot know what and who you really are is fun!!!

Do you plan on touring to promote this album?
Hell yes!

What are you goals for the future?
Touring, creating a live show that is a combination of theater, video audio, ritual and stage craft!

Where can people buy your music?
Right here!
CD Review – “Float” by Criambique Released on January 21st, 2016

Favorite Songs – A Littling, Walls
This album starts out with a more serious mood, but quickly becomes a fun and an even more entertaining experience.  Criambique’s music influences certainly show throughout their album.    Float has such a wide range of sounds and ranges of motion that it keeps one on their toes.  Just when you think it is going to go one way, it goes in a completely different direction, which I find appealing. This is not to say that the transitions are in any way choppy. The music flows as a river flows through the mountains.  There is a variety of tempos, from dancey fast, to slow and contemplative that keep this album interesting. It’s serious. It’s fun.  It’s passionate and whimsy (Isn’t that Alexis’ department?).  All on one album!
Vi has a passion in her voice that is sometimes rare in today’s music.  Harmonies perfectly round out the melodies in just the right places which give the album a pleasing haunting quality at times.  Vi’s voice reminds me of Switchblade Symphony’s Tina Root, but with a beauty that is all Vi’s own.  Lyrically, the entire album is breathtaking.  In addition, there are three remixes, two of A Littling and one of Free Still which give Float the perfect balance of brutal percussion (A Littling – A Brutal Mix) and ambience (Free Still – Scared of Being Too Wonky mix).
My daughter, Raven, especially enjoyed the music on Float and during Hypnopompa, said, “It would be really good music to dance to while incense is lit!”  As she is ferociously honest, it doesn’t get a more credible opinion than that. 
For anyone looking for an amazing album, look no further than "Float".  If you are interested in purchasing "Float", it is available at the band's website at

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Suggestions February 7th, 2016

Sunday Suggestions, by YOU, the faithful readers.

Electro Villain - Suggested by Fernando
Luci - Suggested by Damian
Woe is the Accursed Earth - Suggested by TomTom
Little Hurricane - Suggested by Nathan
Jesus and the Ancient Ones - Suggested by Nathan
Pony Time - Suggested by Nathan
Mr. P Petralia - Suggested by Gianluca

Thank you to everyone who submitted their suggestions for all this great music!  Be sure to tune in to Erosion Factory Radio Show every Wednesday from 3-7pm PST and replayed on Saturdays from 4-8pmPST on Beyond the Dawn Studios. 

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Artist Spotlight (February 3rd, 2016) AKOUSTIC ODYSSEY

It brings me great pleasure to spotlight Akoustic Odyssey

I came across this band as I do most of the bands and artists that I've recently been in contact with. Through Facebook.  I listened to their music on and all I can say is WOW! 

Their bio as borrowed from their Facebook page:

Akoustic Odyssey are an Australian, original, instrumental, world fusion musical group. Consisting of guitar, bass, cello, v...iolin, percussion, drums, flute, clarinet and soprano saxophone, this combination creates a rich and truly unique sound. The blend of these original works and the newness of the sound make Akoustic Odyssey true innovators. It has been described that “Akoustic Odyssey are uncatergorisable” (Julia Lester ABC Classic FM) and their music is “crucial evidence of the treasure trove of musical genius we are blessed with in South Australia” (David Jobling, Independent Weekly-2007) They are influenced by so many different musical styles including Rock/Metal, Classical, Jazz, Greek, Spanish, Latin, Middle Eastern, African and Celtic that this in turn makes them truly Australian.

Founded in 2005 by current band members Joshua Tsounis and Anne Harrington, Akoustic Odyssey quickly grew into it's current format of six members. Their first major performance was at the 2006 Adelaide Fringe Festival. It was here that they won the Bank SA people's choice award. In the same year they made their first recording, an EP of six tracks. In 2007 , at the same festival they were nominated for the same award. In 2008 the band's first full length album titled 'ILIOS' was released. The recording and marketing was assisted financially by Arts SA and the launch was sponsored by Ceceres Music.

Shortly after the CD launch, Akoustic Odyssey were invited to perform at the 2009 WOMADelaide festival. This performance was a great success for the band where they played to a very responsive crowd of over 5000. During the same year the band traveled to Canberra to perform at the National Folk Festival. The band receives regular support and airplay on local and national radio stations such as ABC Classic FM and SBS radio.

If you are interested in purchasing their music, please visit their Facebook page here.  This page also displays some videos and a few upcoming shows. 

Do give a listen and perhaps even a like on their page.  You won't be sorry!

CD Review - Greg Golden Band

Greg Golden Band by Greg Golden Band (As Reviewed on February 3rd, 2016)

Band Bio: (As shamelessly stol...borrowed from their Facebook page)

The Greg Golden Band is a classic rock band composed of 6 members... They are all pros and have many years of experience touring and playing...Greg Golden lead guitar/vocals. Owner and founder of Bizarre Guitar Reno. The band has two lead singers (Randy Scoles and Paul Holdgate), Steve Brown on drums and Larry Hart on bass. All four of these members have played with the Late Ronnie Montrose. Also Jeff Montgomery on guitar/vocals.

We are proud to be a part of Frank Hannon’s record label "RedHawk Records". Earlier this year they released an album produced by Frank Hannon of Tesla. One of the songs off the album was recently voted as a top 20 new release by U.S. bands by Galaxia Radio in Europe for 2015. The band has another song that has accrued over 3.6 Million views on YouTube. The second album is in progress with Frank Hannon at his Red Hawk Record's studio. We have several sets of originals and also have an extensive list of cover songs, including Montrose, ZZ Top, Hendrix, Cream, Robin Trower, Credence, Rolling Stones and many others.

The Greg Golden Band has backed up Sebastian Bach, Y&T, Frank Hannon Band, L.A. Guns among other noted rock and roll bands.

Onyx's Review:
This album is full of amazing songwriting, arranging and overall awesome sauce!  It’s a very blusey rock and roll piece of perfection that was fun to listen to.  My favorite tracks on this album are and Man on the Silver Mountain (Which is a cover of Rainbow’s golden-era career work) and Back to Reno. I am partial to songs written about Reno as it is my hometown. Even my friend Rich, who is picky when it comes to music, enjoyed this album very much.   
I highly recommend this album for anyone that enjoys 70s and 80s era rock n roll.  You won’t be disappointed.