Sunday, October 16, 2016

CD Review - Mist of Misery- "Absence"

Mist of Misery – Absence

Favorite songs: Melancholic Thoughts, Epitaph of Penitence

* Mortuz-Denatus - Vocals, Lyrics, Drums (studio), Programming, Mixing & Mastering
* Phlegathon - Guitars, Bass, Lyrics
* Livsnekaren - Drums (Live)

 CD Review:

This band from Stockholm, Sweden describe their music as Symphonic Metal/Despressive Metal/and Black Metal.  And, rightly so.  All of the above describe the massive sound that is Mist of Misery. 

This album begins with an aptly titled track called Melancholic Thoughts… Flowing deeper into the psyche with relaxing strings and beautifully calming melodies…..right into the second track, Euthanasia.  And then WHAM! The most glorious symphonic metal hits the ears like a tidal wave.   

When it comes to Black Metal, Absence is not what I usually expect.  The brooding nature of the majority of the music is so calming that I tend to forget that I am actually listening to Black Metal.  The emotions that this music stirs inside me are some that I rarely feel.  People who know me know that I do not usually go out of my way for music such as Mist of Misery, however, I will state that this band, this album has given me an opportunity to change my outlook on Black Symphonic Depressive metal.   

I would recommend this album to anyone who enjoys metal, rock, those raspy cookie monster vocals I constantly talk about or anyone who enjoys songs that inspire and encourage great feeling.  So, basically, I would recommend “Absence” to everyone.  You won’t be sorry.

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