Friday, September 23, 2016

CD Review - LoboLoto "Even the Stones Fall"

It is with great pleasure that I present to you my CD review of "Even the Stones Fall" by LoboLoto.

Band bio: 
 Where is the band from?
LoboLoto is from Ferrara, a city near Bologna (Italy).

Who are the band members?
I'm the only band member. My name is Alice Lobo and I composed and wrote (music and lyrics) every single track of LoboLoto.  For live gigs, I'm accompanied by other two musicians whose names are Matteo mangherini (guitars) and Edoardo Cavallari (drums).

How long has the band been together?
From June, 2016.

Did any members of the band work in other musical projects before this?
Yes. Matteo has a duo called 'Duo Orchestra' and Edoardo a duo called "Endless Mind' (The are both amazing!)
As for me, I played in a lot of music projects, but the most important that brought me to my sound was the last, named "The Maimers'. It was an electronic duo from me at Lyrics and melody and Alberto Nemo, who wrote the music.
One of the songs that we wrote together, 'Can You Save me?" (I was particularly close ot that) is included in the new album 'Even the Stones Fall'.

Where was the album made?
The album 'Even the Stones Fall' was made in my home studio. Then, to record the guitars, the mixing ad the master, I leaned againt the Animal house Studio of Federico Viola.  In some songs, like ' Farewell', 'Please Me', 'Can You Save Me?' and 'Se-Me' the guitars were played by Mattia Cenacchi e Matteo Maragno.  You can listen to the drums of Italo Graziana in the song "Please Me' and to the piano of Friedrich Cane in 'Farewell' and 'Anna'.

Who produced the album?
The album was entirely written and composed by me.

Who does the songwriting?
I do the songwriting except for 'Anna', that's a cover song of Lucio Battisti, and Italian musician of the '60s-'70s and for 'Tacheles', wrote together with Artan Rroku.

Who are your musical influences?
It's really difficult for me to answer because I think that music is born from the experiences and emotions of who produce it, which are later mixed with those of the listener, but I don't believe that the music of some artist can influence the writing and composing of another's.  However, I don't listen to much music, and I think that the one that listen is completely different by mine, like Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, David Bowie, Antony and the Johnsons, Pink Floyd, Brian Eno...I also listen to a lot of classical music, like Franz Liszt, Frederich Chopin, Johann Sebastian Bach, Sergei Rachmaninoff and many others.

What was the message or goal of this album?
I think that music is the most important thing. I think that is the origin of all things. In the recent years, the man has turned away from listening to the music, thus losing the sense of humanity, empathy, that serves to give a meaning to life and to everything that we do. My goal is, in my small way, to rekindle the hidden emotions, those of which we no longer speak, that lie to the sense of shame and fear, leading to the historical period we are living...

Do you plan on touring to promote this album?
In Italy is increasingly difficult ot find events and pubs or clubs that are available to 'risk' with emerging artists, but never give up is one of my mottos, and I hope this could be the beginning of a lot of gigs to promote my album 'Even the Stones Fall'.

What are your goals for the future?
A lot of live gigs and...A second album.

Where can people buy your music?
Here you ca find my music or put a 'like' to my socials:

The Review: 

  Sultry, sexy voice of Alice Lobo.  This fabulous artist is from Ferrera, Italy.  She describes her music mostly as experimental, but I consider it a little bit of most genres, but mostly darkwave.  There are beautiful melodies of piano and other synths that create some of the most eerie and beautifully tailored atmospheres that I have heard in a while.  This is an album worthy of any music collector.  Oh, and I hope that you have brushed up on your Italian before listening to the song Anna.  "Even the Stones Fall" is a reviving breath of fresh air that will enlighten the soul and give the listener reason to ponder. 
This album has it all!

This is definitely an album that is best listened to in a dark room or while pondering the meaning of life.  It is the perfect blend of darkness and light......

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